Power Delivery Without Wires

Taking power where it’s never gone before. 

Imagine what we could do with safe, reliable, and affordable wireless power?

Improving Lives

Wireless power technology means hot meals, clean drinking water, advanced medical treatment, and greater access to educational resources for almost a billion people globally without power.

As of 2017, only 52% of people living in Africa have electricity. And, approximately 168 million people in India have no access to electricity.
Citation: Sustainable Development Goal 7: Access to electricity

Protecting the Planet

Prime locations for generation are often not in close proximity to the end user, and building traditional transmission infrastructure is not economically viable. Wireless power systems could bring stranded and underutilized renewable resources on to the global market, creating a smaller environmental impact with a reduced industrial footprint compared to current technology.

According to the International Energy Agency, modern renewables account for 25% of electricity generation worldwide, yet only 10% of final consumption. Understandably, a sizable portion of the difference between consumption and renewables involves lack of delivery infrastructure.
Citation: Sustainable Development Goal 7: Renewable energy

Bringing Relief

Restoring service after a natural disaster is a time-consuming, step-by-step process. The availability of wireless power in disaster-affected areas changes the dynamics of relief efforts.

Sixteen weeks after the 2017 Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, 620,000 households were still without power. Ten days after the 2011 Japanese tsunami, 600,000 customers were still without electric power.

Enabling Prosperity

Surface wave infrastructure has the potential to spur growth in economies hindered by their remote and undeveloped surroundings. Connecting areas in need with power resources located anywhere on the planet removes one of the greatest barriers to economic growth and prosperity.

Almost every aspect of the economy improves with access to reliable electricity: increases employee output and overall output of businesses and manufacturing, increased worker safety, and increased company profitability and household incomes.
Citation: The Impact of Electricity Access on Economic Development: A Literature Review

How Surface Waves Deliver Benefits

  • Global Power Marketplace – The ability to purchase electric power from multiple wireless power companies effectively commoditizes electrons, providing both national and international access to low-cost electric power.
  • Leverage All Energy Generation Forms – Enabling power companies and end-user customers to source electrical power from multiple generator sources such as nuclear, gas, hydro, geothermal, solar and wind, increases the efficient use of the current resource base and unlocks the capacity of other stranded resources.
  • Stronger, More Sustainable Business Model  Smaller upfront capital infrastructure investment and lower ongoing operating costs provides a means sustained growth and faster return on investment.
  • Increased Reliability and Greater Uptime – By enabling load-shifting of generation and multi-sourcing for end users across a global grid, wireless power can lessen the effect of commodity price swings in developing economies. 

What Else Would Wireless Energy Allow Us to Do?

Renewable Resources 

Prime locations for generation are often not in close proximity to the end-user, and building traditional transmission infrastructure is not economically viable. Our wireless power systems would bring stranded and underutilized renewable resources onto the global market.

Outage Reduction

Natural and man-made events can result in long-term and widespread disruptions of the electrical grid. Viziv’s surface wave systems would harden the system by providing alternative energy sources when they are needed, as well as help bypass reliance on the aging transmission infrastructure.

Disaster Relief

Utilizing Viziv’s wireless power technology would shorten disaster outages by weeks or months. Our technology would allow for the immediate delivery of electricity to disaster-affected areas, transforming the scope and efficiency of relief efforts.

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