Transforming Power Delivery, Signaling, & Safety

The Zenneck surface wave is a technological breakthrough enabling the world to “cut the cord” between power generation facilities and local distribution grids. This new technological development represents a paradigm shift in the science of electromagnetic waves with wide and varying applications.

A ZSW is a type of electromagnetic wave that travels along the earth, bound to its surface. Small size, controlled dispersion, low attenuation, and efficient operation are all features of ZSW systems, making them attractive for any application that requires moving energy and information from one point to another over the surface of the earth.

This new concept in wireless systems will transform many industries, including power delivery and global positioning technology. Additionally, it will transform the way every industry operates, leading to greater efficiency across the board, as well as greater human and environmental safety around the globe. 

Wireless Power

Our technology will be a global economic catalyst, especially in developing countries. Our clean, safe, and reliable wireless power systems will bring hot meals, clean drinking water, advanced medical treatment, and greater access to educational resources to the roughly one billion people around the world without power.

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Positioning, Navigation & Timing (PNT)

Our navigational systems will require less infrastructure and energy, cover a much larger area than conventional radio-based systems, and not be dependent on expensive satellites. A tower transmitting a few thousand watts could provide a signal covering a region the size of the entire continental United States. This signal could be used to develop redundant global and regional positioning and navigation capabilities governments have been seeking.

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By allowing electrical generation to happen where the fuel source is located, our technology will reduce the amount of hazardous fuels (natural gas and nuclear material) being transported. Future power plants, renewable or otherwise, will no longer need to be located close to densely populated communities, but instead, will be placed near their energy source.

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How it Works

With Viziv Technologies’ patented processes and systems, electric power connected to our launch structures is wirelessly delivered to matched receivers all over the globe. The launch structure for a ZSW is not an antenna. Rather, it is a coupling probe that connects the power source to the global waveguide. While the size of the coupling probe does depend upon the frequency of operation, it will be much smaller than a traditional radio frequency antenna designed to transmit at the same frequency and distance.

Look at the Physics

History of Zenneck Surface Wave

In the early 1900s, German physicists Jonathan Zenneck and Arnold Sommerfeld first theorized that electromagnetic waves, under certain conditions, could use the surface of the earth as a waveguide. However, most of the scientific community ignored their findings for more than 60 years. 

It wasn’t until the 1970s that brothers, Dr. James Corum and Kenneth Corum, re-discovered this research and began working to prove through experimentation the existence of what is now known as the Zenneck surface wave. In 2003, they succeeded. 

Inspired by their discovery, Viziv Technologies was founded in August 2013 to develop the commercial applications of the ZSW.

Jonathan W. A. Zenneck, from a greeting card for his 80th birthday

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